Moving Forward Sober Living
Located Throughout Westland, Michigan

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Toll-Free:  888-SOBER-17 | 888-762-3717

We Are Here To Help You In Your Recovery

What We Do...

  • Moving Forward Sober Living provides safe, supportive and stable housing for alcohol and drug dependent individuals seeking recovery. We are dedicated to empowering people with the tools and the skills to live healthy and productive lives.
  • Moving Forward Sober Living is supervised by a house manager to ensure that the sober living environment offers structure and remains clean & sober. Individual recovery is encouraged with a focus on emotional, spiritual, and economic growth; individual empowerment and behavior changes using a combination of principles and the twelve step program.
  • Moving Forward Sober Living is here to help you to regain your independence so you can live the life that was intended for you, filled with hope, faith, success, and happiness.
  • Moving Forward Sober Living accommodates both men and women, in a residential, apartment-style settings. All apartments are fully furnished and have complete kitchens. Bedrooms are either shared with one other person or are single rooms. We have done everything we can to ensure your living environment at Moving Forward is comfortable, affordable, and beneficial to your recovery.

You Will...

  • At Moving Forward Sober Living, you can find a sober living facility unlike any other you have previously experienced. We offer separate men and women units, with only two people per room. Our goal is to assist in having a sobriety life free from addiction that controls both you and your actions.
  • At Moving Forward Sober Living, the resident’s work together using skills learned in treatment to support one another in early sobriety. The people living in the house support and look out for each other because they all share a common goal, to stay clean and sober. The strong sense of community and like-minded goals allow residents to benefit from sharing with one another.
  • At Moving Forward Sober Living, avoiding drugs and alcohol is much easier when you are constantly being looked after. We provide a live-in monitor and random drug testing for our residents.
  • At Moving Forward Sober Living, your time here with us is not the only time we will be here for you. The Moving Forward Sober Living facility will also be here for you whenever you need to return to regain a sense of balance whenever you have a moment of weakness that threatens your security. We are another tool to help you manage the early stages of recovery.

We Can Help You!

If you are in a treatment center and are looking for a safe place to continue your recovery after your treatment is complete, or if you are simply a recovering addict or alcoholic looking to move forward, call us today or click on the Contact above and we will call you. Come see how Moving Forward can help!


Only $105 per week

  • Walking Distance to A.A and N.A. Meetings
  • Updated 3 Bedroom Houses
  • Only 2 People per room
  • Washer and Dryer in each unit
  • Random Drug Testing
  • In-House group meetings
  • Must attend meetings
  • Must have/obtain a sponsor
  • Close to bus transportation
  • Close to shopping
  • Internet access in each unit

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